Criminal And Civil Lawyer In Mumbai

Criminal And Civil Lawyer In Mumbai, India

We have with us a team of Criminal Lawyers headed by Adv. Kaushik Mhatre to help our clients with their specific legal needs related to crime. Our lawyers or attorneys are extremely dedicated towards providing effective solutions and fulfilling the exact requirements of our clients. We cater to the needs of our clients in all areas of criminal litigation. We represent our clients in an array of matters such as-

  • Bails
  • Trial
  • Evidence
  • Suspension of Sentence
  • Appeals
  • Revisions
  • Quashing of FIR
  • Criminal Writs
  • Criminal complaints
  • Domestic Violence & many more

We are providing legal assistance under expertise of Adv. Anand Pande for civil litigation such as property laws, succession, recovery of debts, housing and family issues. We have an expert team of Civil Lawyers. Civil Legal assistance offered by our firm is done after testing the required means and merits, therefore considered to be highly reliable. The legal aid in this service range is only provided to those, who cannot afford it. These services are also provided to the clients, who have a case that has a reasonable chance of winning and worth the money it will cost to fund it. Get contact number of Criminal And Civil Lawyer In Mumbai

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Criminal And Civil Lawyer: We have an expert team of Criminal And Civil Lawyer.!
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